Check out the link below! You’ll get to a google maps route, which leads you from the central station directly to the Landhausplatz. Yes, even on your smartphone.
Not bad, hm?

Bikeroute to Landhausplatz


Below you will find four links to find the way to the Landhausplatz.
One for each direction. Parking inside the city isn’t really the easiest and cheapest thing in Innsbruck.
There are two of a few options:

1. You park inside the parking garage directly at the Landhausplatz.

first hour: € 2,40
each additional 1/2 hour: € 1,20
daily rate (from 8 hours): € 16,80

2. You park 270m away at a cheaper, but smaller parking lot with only about 15 spaces. You know what I mean, right? *itcouldbefull*

each hour € 1,50
daily rate € 10

Route from Landhausplatz to the smaller parking lot

And that’s how you come here:

Eastroute to Landhausplatz
Westroute to Landhausplatz
Southroute to Landhausplatz
Northroute to Landhausplatz

Yeah, we want you to get here as easy as possible!

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