Next Stop

Landhausplatz Innsbruck

The last stop of ths season will go down at our favorite outdoor spot. The natural concrete transitions wich are already provided will be pimped with some extra features like last year.

More information and details will follow soon






v.L. n.R. 1. Freigang Tobias 2. Peytavit JB 3. Tünte Daniel

Skatehalle Innsbruck 25.3.2017


  1. Tobias Freigang (DE)
  2. JB Peytavit (FR)
  3. Daniel Tünte (DE)
  4. Daniel Portoreal (DE)
  5. Senad Grosic (AT)
  6. Matteo Vitali (IT)
  7. Christian Ceresato (IT)
  8. Jonas Lindermaier (DE)
  9. Andi Wohnig (DE)
  10. Philipp Schuster (AT)
  11. Florian Uphoff (DE)
  12. Michael Rösler (DE)
  13. Kevin Holub (AT)
  14. Kilian Reichmeier (DE)
  15. Diego Malchiodi (IT)
  16. Mike Kröll (AT)


  1. Giulio Ricca Boccardi     121
  2. Paolo Giaconi                   121
  3. Luigi Galbiati                   119
  4. Kevin Böck                       115
  5. Matt Waldner                  113
  6. Jakob Sommer                 108
  7. Marco Niccolini               108
  8. Federico Barnanba         107
  9. Samuele Barera               100
  10. Francesco Mongillo          94
  11. Tommaso Ceccellero        88
  12. Tom Weikert                      86
  13. Massimo Crotti                  78
  14. Istvan Varga                       77
  15. Christian Perkonigg          76
  16. Lukas Soldati                     76
  17. Raimondo Davide             73
  18. Gabor Bedics                      69
  19. Andrea Caroccia                61
  20. Paul Störk                           45
  21. Verrascina Francesco       41

Registration has started

Hello fellow Riders if you want to ride at the contest please fill out the registration below.



There is only one class so AM and PRO riders ride all together.

Format: qualification and finals will go down in heats. 4-5 riders each heat and 8 minutes of time. So every rider gets about 2 runs.

Each rider gets 2 free drinks and one meal at the contest plus free entry at the afterparty.

We have 1.500euros of pricemoney for the top 3 riders of the contest.

Please remember the fun. Organicers, judges and all the people who help us are doing this for the love of BMX.  So should you. If you don’t feel judged well or that something else is going wrong please tell us asap and we will try to figure it out.We try to provide you a good time  😉


Update: 20inch Trophy 2017

Laaaaaaadies and gentlemen!
Let’s get ready to rumble!

It’s time for the next contest season of the 20inch Trophy!

We are cooking somthing up.

For the first stop of this years season we will hit our local indoor Skatepark „Skatehalle-Innsbruck“


The main contest will be a regular freestyle contest where the most technical park and street tricks will take away the win. Depending on the amount of starters, about 8 to 16 riders will hit the finals.

More infos soon

20inch Trophy contest season 2016 is over!

Man, what can we say?

We are, again, fully blown away what went down at the street contest this Saturday.
Damn son! The riding level of all the participants increased so much compared with last years street contest.
Especially the Italian! These guys step up the game from year to year.

But let’s come to the results!


Daniel Tünte (DE) took away the win of this years street contest in front of Younes Essbbar (IT) in second and Philipp Schuster (AT) in third place!

Congrats guys, you killed it!


Yeah, you see right. Daniel Tünte on the podium once more.
He also won the first stop at the WUB-Halle and therefore took away the over-all win of this years contest season and winner of that gnarly Haro X VANS oldschool BMX!
Yeah, Daniel is an all-terrain beast!
We are proud to say that there are also three local riders from Innsbruck on the over-all podium: Bobo Ujvari on second and Dave Lemberger and Veiti Neuhauser on third place!
Innsbrucklyn represent!

Nothing more to say than: thanks to all the helping hands and to our sponsors and of course see you when it’s time for the 20inch Trophy contest season 2017!

Peace out!

Street contest @Landhausplatz

Dear riders and guest,

let us get you up to date!

There are only 24 days left until the second stop and thus the final stop of this years 20Inch Trophy contest season.

Why no dirt contest this year?
It’s simple and complicated at the same time: the approval for the start-tower-hut ran out this year. So it could happen that we have to break down the hut before the contest even takes place. That’s the simple part. The complicated part is, that it turned out to be hard to get a new property for a new dirt park. You know, laws and stuff like that.

But back to the contest.

It’s going to be great!
A contest in the center of the so called „Capital of the Alps“ at the infamous Landhausplatz street plaza – you know the plaza. And you possibly have already ridden it.
But the best thing about the contest is, the ramps – no-trannys-allowed style –  will be made out of this:


Hell yeah: a ghetto contest awaits ya streetdawgs!
Ghetto, but with style!

And the course will look like this:


Nuff more to say than, you find every other essential information on the website and we can’t wait to see you at the contest!

1st stop results

Words can’t discribe what went off yesterday at the first stop of the 20inch Trophy 2016 @WUB-Halle Innsbruck.

First of all, the riding was on another level this year. So many wild park manuevers and the street dawgs killed it with their technical riding.

We feel very sorry for David Wengler who had a very bad crash during a flair drop-in attempt. We wish you and your girlfriend all the best and a very quick recovery David!

And here are the results!

1. Daniel Tünte
2. Daniel Portoreal
3. Tobias Freigang

4. Moritz Nussbaumer
5. Bobo Ujvari
6. Alex Stinshoff
7. Tamas P. Nagy
8. Felix Stinshoff
9. Janek Wentzky
10. Jonas Lindermaier
11. David Wengler
12. Kevin Holub
13. Dave Lemberger
14. Samyo Pereira
15. Florian Uphoff
16. Senad Grosic


Congratulations to Mr. Daniel Tünte! He took away a well deserved win.
Man, what can I say, the Germans dominated the contest … again.

Thanks to our sponsors and everybody who helped us to make the 20inch Trophy happen!

See you at the next stop! We’ll keep you updated!
Hell yeah!