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We are happy to anounce this years first tour-stop at Skate Halle Innsbruck 14.4.2018

More informations coming soon.



Ergebnisse Landhausplatz 2017

  1. Daniel Tünte (DE)
  2. Moritz Nussbaumer (DE)
  3. Tom Weikert (DE)
  4. Younes Es Sebbar (IT)
  5. Christian Ceresato (IT)
  6. Kevin Holub (AT)
  7. Diego Malchior (IT)
  8. David Joel Rizzo (IT)
  9. Kilian Reichmeyer (DE)
  10. Florian Toplitsch (AT)
  11. Arne Neuhauser (AT)
  12. Julian Hackl (AT)
  13. Martin Odor (AT)
  14. Gabor Bedics (AT)


Next Stop

Landhausplatz Innsbruck

The last stop of ths season will go down at our favorite outdoor spot. The natural concrete transitions wich are already provided will be pimped with some extra features like last year.

More information and details will follow soon






v.L. n.R. 1. Freigang Tobias 2. Peytavit JB 3. Tünte Daniel

Skatehalle Innsbruck 25.3.2017


  1. Tobias Freigang (DE)
  2. JB Peytavit (FR)
  3. Daniel Tünte (DE)
  4. Daniel Portoreal (DE)
  5. Senad Grosic (AT)
  6. Matteo Vitali (IT)
  7. Christian Ceresato (IT)
  8. Jonas Lindermaier (DE)
  9. Andi Wohnig (DE)
  10. Philipp Schuster (AT)
  11. Florian Uphoff (DE)
  12. Michael Rösler (DE)
  13. Kevin Holub (AT)
  14. Kilian Reichmeier (DE)
  15. Diego Malchiodi (IT)
  16. Mike Kröll (AT)


  1. Giulio Ricca Boccardi     121
  2. Paolo Giaconi                   121
  3. Luigi Galbiati                   119
  4. Kevin Böck                       115
  5. Matt Waldner                  113
  6. Jakob Sommer                 108
  7. Marco Niccolini               108
  8. Federico Barnanba         107
  9. Samuele Barera               100
  10. Francesco Mongillo          94
  11. Tommaso Ceccellero        88
  12. Tom Weikert                      86
  13. Massimo Crotti                  78
  14. Istvan Varga                       77
  15. Christian Perkonigg          76
  16. Lukas Soldati                     76
  17. Raimondo Davide             73
  18. Gabor Bedics                      69
  19. Andrea Caroccia                61
  20. Paul Störk                           45
  21. Verrascina Francesco       41

Registration has started

Hello fellow Riders if you want to ride at the contest please fill out the registration below.



There is only one class so AM and PRO riders ride all together.

Format: qualification and finals will go down in heats. 4-5 riders each heat and 8 minutes of time. So every rider gets about 2 runs.

Each rider gets 2 free drinks and one meal at the contest plus free entry at the afterparty.

We have 1.500euros of pricemoney for the top 3 riders of the contest.

Please remember the fun. Organicers, judges and all the people who help us are doing this for the love of BMX.  So should you. If you don’t feel judged well or that something else is going wrong please tell us asap and we will try to figure it out.We try to provide you a good time  😉