20inch Trophy contest season 2016 is over!

Man, what can we say?

We are, again, fully blown away what went down at the street contest this Saturday.
Damn son! The riding level of all the participants increased so much compared with last years street contest.
Especially the Italian! These guys step up the game from year to year.

But let’s come to the results!


Daniel Tünte (DE) took away the win of this years street contest in front of Younes Essbbar (IT) in second and Philipp Schuster (AT) in third place!

Congrats guys, you killed it!


Yeah, you see right. Daniel Tünte on the podium once more.
He also won the first stop at the WUB-Halle and therefore took away the over-all win of this years contest season and winner of that gnarly Haro X VANS oldschool BMX!
Yeah, Daniel is an all-terrain beast!
We are proud to say that there are also three local riders from Innsbruck on the over-all podium: Bobo Ujvari on second and Dave Lemberger and Veiti Neuhauser on third place!
Innsbrucklyn represent!

Nothing more to say than: thanks to all the helping hands and to our sponsors and of course see you when it’s time for the 20inch Trophy contest season 2017!

Peace out!

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