Street contest @Landhausplatz

Dear riders and guest,

let us get you up to date!

There are only 24 days left until the second stop and thus the final stop of this years 20Inch Trophy contest season.

Why no dirt contest this year?
It’s simple and complicated at the same time: the approval for the start-tower-hut ran out this year. So it could happen that we have to break down the hut before the contest even takes place. That’s the simple part. The complicated part is, that it turned out to be hard to get a new property for a new dirt park. You know, laws and stuff like that.

But back to the contest.

It’s going to be great!
A contest in the center of the so called „Capital of the Alps“ at the infamous Landhausplatz street plaza – you know the plaza. And you possibly have already ridden it.
But the best thing about the contest is, the ramps – no-trannys-allowed style –  will be made out of this:


Hell yeah: a ghetto contest awaits ya streetdawgs!
Ghetto, but with style!

And the course will look like this:


Nuff more to say than, you find every other essential information on the website and we can’t wait to see you at the contest!

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